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Tube holder for sewing dust collector bags

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Tube holder for sewing dust collector bags


How much do you know about tuber holder for sewing dust collector filter bags?

Tube holder is one of necessary parts for support filter fabrics when sewing filter bags by automatic filter bag sewing machine or semi-automatic filter bag sewing machine.

Dust collector filter bag tube holders are made of stainless steel.


Tube holders can be adjustable and fixed.


1. Adjustable tube holder: Generally because different customers need dust collector filter bag with different diameters, to meet the different requirement of dust collector filter bag customers, filter bag factory and manufacturer need to have ability of making dust collector filter bag with different diameter.

One adjustable tube hold can sew dust collector filter bag with different diameter. That means you do not need to change tube holder when you sew or weld different diameter dust collector filter bags, for different diameter of dust collector filter bags one adjustable filter tube holder is enough.

The adjustable range of tube holder diameter is normally from 120-200 mm diameter.

For dust collector filter bag whose diameter is larger than 200 mm, then you need to use tube holder with fixed diameter.


2 . Fixed tube holder: One tube holder is with one diameter. It means if you sew 130 mm diameter dust collector filter bag, you need 130 mm diameter tube holder, if you sew 152 mm diameter dust collector filter bag, you will need 152.4 mm diameter tube holder. How many diameters do you need to sew for dust collector filter bags, you will need how many pieces of tube holders.


In the dust collector filter bag factory and manufacturers, both adjustable tube holders and fixed tube holders are used.

Adjustable tube holders has strict requirement of filter fabric quality. It needs your filter fabrics are with uniform thickness. To control the sewn filter bag diameter is correct and accurate, If you use adjustable tube holders, excellent quality filter fabrics is necessary.

If your filter bag factory is only using top quality filter fabrics, adjustable tube holders is recommended for you.

But if your filter bag factory is using middle quality filter fabrics, better use tube holders with fixed diameter.


You can choose suitable tube holder according to condition of your own filter factory and manufacturers.


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